• EBTECH Product Range EBTECH Product Range
    Hum X The Hum X filters out unwanted voltage on the ground line that can cause ground loop hum. Simply place ...
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  • SLS Line Array Speakers SLS Line Array Speakers
    The LS7500 is a full-range bi-amped true line source array module. While compact in size it meets SPL line array ...
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  • Proficient M4 Proficient M4
    Distributed audio controller. Hook it up and it immediately runs without any programming. Plays 4 zones and 6 component sources. Features ...
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  • Studio R V12 Amplifier Studio R V12 Amplifier
    Backed by a full three years - the largest category! No other amplifier on the market offers such strength and ...
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  • Studio R V8 Amplifier Studio R V8 Amplifier
    A V8 amplifier provides a maximum 1000-Watt RMS power per speaker, for up to 4 speakers. This makes for 4000 Watts RMS for ...
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  • SLR MiniPro Speakers SLR MiniPro Speakers
    There are many advantages of Flat Panel Loudspeakers over conventional designs, their flat configuration allows sound to be dispersed from ...
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ARC Audio Visual Engineering is one of the pioneer companies in the pro audio industry. Founded in 1998, ARC is managed by a team of audiophiles with 'hands-on' experiences acquired from their extensive track record, both local and international. ARC is also uniquely positioned to provide innovative solutions to technical ...




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